Dr Sundeep Oberoi, Chair SC 7 Software and systems engineering

ISO/IEC JTC1 SC 7 Advisory Group on Communications & Outreach (AG 3) organized a webinar focusing on finding the common ground for collaborative opportunities among the JTC 1 subcommittees on 25th March, 2020.

Moderated by Mr. Anupam Agrawal (Convenor SC 7 AG 3) the discussion on “Expectations & Opportunities of Engagement with SC 7” started with the welcome note by him. He said – “This first edition of Webinar wherein the community will hear directly from the peers on the possible areas of collaboration is a first of its kind experiment by AG 3 to create “the New SC 7”.

The discussion started with the remarks by Dr Sundeep Oberoi, Chair of SC 7 Software and systems engineering, stating that “if there is a need to reinvent ourselves to remain relevant to our stakeholders then it should be done on priority and SC 7 is willing to do it and collaborate with the peer groups/communities”. Ms. Reena Garg (SC 7 Committee Manager) highlighted “SC 7 has a rich legacy of work on software & systems engineering which should be leveraged by other communities and the need of the hour to work together”. She also assured all help for any joint Working Groups and joint projects. The inaugural remarks by Mr. Peter Fagg, SC 7 WG 42 Convenor talked about the Standards Usage beyond the SC 7 community.

The other speakers in the discussion were:

All these speakers gave an overview of the work programme in their respective sub committees and highlighted some of the specific areas of collaboration from their standpoint. The chat window during the webinar received some very overwhelming positive comments. The slide decks are available along with the summary report in the AG 3 Public Documents folder which will be used and reused by the SC 7 working groups to propose some of the programmes.

Nearly all of the Working Group Convenors were present in the Webinar and the information shared will definitely be the input for a future programme of work.

The SC 7 community expresses their highest gratitude to this leader for taking time out and speaking to them. AG 3 Convenor summarized – “ After today’s session the need of having a community forum is justified in order to find continuously better ideas and collaborative workspaces of how to manage the rapid shift of technological progress which is impacting the standards production and consumption patterns”. He also thanked his AG 3 members who helped in planning and organizing the webinar.

For updates on collaboration efforts with SC 7, please reach out to AG 3 Convenor, anupam.agrawal@tcs.com