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JTC 1 Information Technology creates Incubator Group on Mobile Applications

KATS, the Korean National Member of ISO and IEC, has proposed the creation of an Incubator Group “Mobile Applications” under the auspices of the ISO/IEC Joint Technical Committee 1 Information technology. The tasks of the incubator group are


  • to investigate in-depth the standardization gaps among existing standards developed by Consortia/SDOs in mobile application areas,
  • to identify the common requirements for standards, if any, not being addressed in/by existing Consortia/SDOs in mobile application areas and
  • to develop a New Work Item Proposal for JTC 1 based on the investigation and identification results, if necessary.


A more detailed description of the incubator proposal and the present composition of the incubator group is given in document JTC 1 N 11705 which can be downloaded here. Experts interested in this work are kindly asked to contact the Convenor of the Incubator Group, Dr Seungyun Lee (, for information on how to participate in the group.

Background information: ISO/IEC JTC 1 uses Incubator Groups to foster the generation of new standardization activities and preparatory work. Incubator Groups usually consist of a small to medium number of experts interested in a particular topic. Working from outside the normal JTC 1 committee structure the experts involved quickly create a proposal for possible standardization work. Once the proposal is finalized it is inputted into the ISO/IEC system of standardization. By using Incubator Groups to generate input JTC 1 has created a new channel for “harvesting” creative ideas for its standardization work.


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