SC 27 Meetings in Wuhan, China

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16-24th April 2018
Dr Walter Fumy (SC 27 Chair)
Prof. Edward Humphreys (SC 27 Communications Officer and WG 1 Convenor)

ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 27 and its five working groups meet in the impressive Chinese city of Wuhan in the Hubei Province during April 2018. The meetings were held in the area of the East Lake, a site of outstanding natural beauty and an ideal location for inspirational development and progression of the standards of SC 27.

Delegates and experts from thirty countries and eleven liaison organizations attended the meeting, including many from the Chinese SC 27 mirror committee TC260. Chinese delegates and experts came from government, businesses and industry. The facilities provided by the Chinese hosts for the meetings were first rate and world class, and this was a major contributor to the success of the meetings.

The Opening Ceremony was moderated by Dr Walter Fumy (SC 27 Chair) with opening speeches from Yang Xiaowei (Vice-Minister of Cyberspace Administration of China/Chairman of TC260), Yin Minghan (Vice-Administrator of Standardisation Administration of the PRC) and Li Youxiang (Standing Committee of Wuhan Municipal Committee/Vice-Mayor of Wuhan).

Today’s world of business contains lots of changes and challenges, involving many emerging technologies and innovations, and the growing need for new ideas to deal with the cyber risks associated with these challenges. SC 27 has always been at the forefront of cyber security and privacy standardization, an international centre of excellent and always ready and prepared to address the requirements of business for security solutions for the digital age.

The SC 27 working group meetings in Wuhan made substantial progress in many areas including security and privacy in Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data security and privacy, cybersecurity, enhancement of ISO/IEC
27001 for privacy protection, revision of ISO/IEC 27002:2013 and ISO/IEC 27009, revision of ‘Common Criteria’ (ISO/IEC 15048) and cryptographic techniques. The SC 27 meetings in Wuhan resourcefully moved forward to address current and future expectations of its stakeholders and its international standardization partners: finding common-ground through collaboration and consensus to deliver ‘fit-for-purpose’ solutions for cyber security and privacy.

As with previous meetings, China made many noteworthy contributions to the on-going project developments and also proposed new areas of work including the important topic of data security. The close collaboration between SC27 and the Chinese National Body mirror committee TC260 continues to develop in an enterprising and progressive way reflecting China’s role as a global player in cyberspace standards and technology.

The meetings marked a significant milestone regarding leadership of SC 27. Dr Walter Fumy has served as chair of SC 27 for 23 years during which time his professional leadership and direction of the committee has resulted in some outstanding achievements. The SC 27 Plenary held on the 23-24th was his last as chair and in recognition of his long-standing leadership he was bestowed the honorary title of SC 27 Chairman Emeritus.

The proposed future chair of SC 27 is Dr Andreas Wolf, also from Germany.
The Chinese hosted SC 27 gala dinner in Wuhan was a most memorable event. The master of gala dinner ceremonies was Yan Zhongxing (Director General of Cyberspace Administration of Wuhan) who introduces the speeches given by the Yang Jianjun, Head of the Chinese Delegation, and Xu Honglan, the Deputy-Mayor of Wuhan Municipal People’s Government. This was followed by a special recognition ceremony organized by the host to acknowledge Dr Fumy’s achievements – with a presentation by Prof. Edward Humphreys in honour of Dr Fumy, a special celebration cake and thank-you gifts from the host and SC 27. Finally, SC 27 delegates were given a spectacular Chinese cultural show involving a Chinese dance performance, traditional opera, puppet show and acrobats.

Adjacent to the meetings an International Cybersecurity Standardization Forum was held on the 15th April, bringing together speakers and experts from Chinese business and government, and from SC 27. This Forum was a great success attracting over 680 delegates. It provided the ideal opportunity for China and SC 27 to share ideas and collaborate on a range of topics that are central to today’s cyberspace world of technology and business innovation. There were key note talks from Wan Yong (Mayor of Wuhan), Yang Xiaowei (Vice-Minister of Cyberspace Administration of China/Chairman of TC260), and Yin Minghan (Vice- Administrator of Standardization Administration of the PRC).

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