Information Technology for Learning, Education and Training

Secretary’s Report

Title : JTC 1/SC 36 Information Technology for Learning, Education and Training

Scope : Standardization in the field of information technologies for learning, education and training to support individuals or organization and to enable interoperability and reusability of resources and tools.

Excluded :

  • The SC shall not create standards or technical reports that define educational standards, cultural conventions, learning objectives or specific learning content.
  • In the area of work this SC, Standards and technical reports will not duplicate work done by other ISO or IEC TCs/SCs, or WGs with respect to their component, speciality, or domain. Instead, when appropriate, normative or informative references to other stanndards shall be inculded. Examples include documents on speciality topics such as multimedia, web content, cultural adaption and security.


  1. Chairman and Secretary
JTC 1/SC 36 Chairman: 

Mr. Erlend Øverby

Karde AS

Åsgårdveien 24, 1671 Kråkerøy,


Tel: +47 9012 9642



JTC 1/SC 36 Secretariat:  

Ms. Eunsook Kim

Korean Agency for Technology and Standards

93, Isu-ro, Maengdong-Myeon, Eumseong-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, 369-811,Rep. of Korea

Tel: +82 43 870 5462

Fax: +82 43 870 5669



  1. JTC 1/SC 36 Memebership
P-Member  bodies: 25   O-member bodies: 21
No Country National Body   Country National Body
1 Algeria IANOR   Belgium NBN
2 Australia SA   Bosnia and Herzegovina BAS
3 Canada SCC   Colombia ICONTEC
4 China SAC   Czech Republic UNMZ
5 Denmark DS   Ghana GSA
6 Finland SFS Hong Kong(Correspondent member) ITCHKSAR
7 France AFNOR   Hungary MSZT
8 Germany DIN   Indonesia BSN
9 India BIS   Iran, Islamic Rep. of ISIRI
10 Italy UNI   Ireland NSAI
11 Jamaica BSJ   Kazakhstan KAZMEMST
12 Japan JISC   Malaysia DSM
13 Kenya KEBS   New Zealand SNZ
14 Rep. of Korea KATS   Romania ASRO
15 Luxembourg ILNAS   Saudi Arabia SASO
16 Netherlands NEN   Serbia ISS
17 Norway SN   Singapore SPRING SG
18 Portugal IPQ   Sweden SIS
19 Russian Federation GOST R   Switzerland SNV
20 Slovakia SUTN   Turkey TSE
21 South Africa SABS   United States ANSI
22 Spain AENOR      
23 Tunisia INNORPI      
24 Ukraine DSSU      
25 United Kingdom BSI    
Finland(SFS) : O-member  P-MemberZimbabwe NB(SAZ) : O member  N member


  1. Liaisons

4.1 Internal Iiaison :15

Group Title Liaison officer from SC 36
ISO/TC 37 Terminology and language and content resource  
ISO/TC 37/SC 2 Terminology and methods  
ISO/TC 46 Information and documentation Jake Knoppers
ISO/TC 176 Quality management and Quality Assurances Christian Stracke,Sandra Feliciano
ISO/TC 215 Health Informatics Jake Knoppers
ISO/TC 232 Learning services outside formal education Bernard Blandin, Simone Laughton, Christian Stracke
ISO/PC 288 Educational organizations management systems – Requirements with guidance for use Christian M. StrackJake Knoppers
JTC 1/SWG5-IoT Internet of Thing Andy Heath(Lead)Yong-Sang Cho
JTC 1/SC 17 Cards & Personal identification Jake Knoppers
JTC 1/SC 27 IT Security Techniques Sylvie Arbouy
JTC 1/SC 32 Data management & interchange Jake Knoppers
JTC 1/SC 34 Description and Processing Language Yong-Sang Cho
JTC 1/SC 35 User interface Jutta Treviranus
JTC 1/SC 39 Sustainability for and by IT Andy Heath(Lead),Jin Gon Shon


4.2 External Iiaison : 12


Group Title Liaison officer from SC 36
ADL Advanced Distributed Learning Daniel Rehak
AICC Aviation Industry CBT Committee Jack Hyde
AUF Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie Henri Hudrisier
IMS IMS Global Learning Consortium Rob Abel
Infoterm International Information Centre for Terminology  
LETSI International Federation for learning-Education-Training Systems Interoperability Crispin Weston
IEEE LTSC IEEE Learning Technologies Standards Committee Crispin Weston
W3C:IndieUI W3C Web Accessibility Independent User Interface Andy Heath
CEN/TC 353 Information and Communication Technologies for Learning, Education and training Christian Stracke
CEN WS-LT CEN Workshop for learning Technologies Christian Stracke
IDPF International Digital Publishing Forum Tore Hoel
DCMI Dublin Core Metadata Initiative Liddy Nevile


  1. JTC 1/SC 36 Structure and officers

JTC 1/SC 36 operates with the following working groups and ad hoc groups :

WG/AG Title Convener Term
AG 1/BPC Advisory Group on Business Planning and Communications SHIN, Sung-Wook(KR) 2014-2017
WG 1 Vocabulary Mokhtar Ben Henda(FR) 2012-2015
WG 2 Collaborative Technology Toshio Okamoto(JP) 2013-2016
WG 3 Learner information Bernard Blandin(FR) 2014-2017
WG 4 Management and delivery of learning, education and training CHO, Yong-Sang(KR)YUN, Yuntao(CH,vice) 2012-2015
WG 5 Quality assurance and descriptive framework Christian M. Stracke(GE) 2014-2017
WG 6 Platform, Services and Specification Integration Zhu Wu Di(CH) 2014-2017
WG 7 ITLET-Culture, language and individual needs Anastasia Cheetham(CA) 2014-2017
WG 8 Learning Analytics interoperability CHO, Yong-Sang(KR) 2015-2018
HDAG Head of Delegation Advisory Group Erlend Øverby(NO)
  1. Past JTC 1/SC 36 Meetings
No. Date Location Attendee No.
27 2014-06-23/27 Oslo, Norway 50(F2F), 9(WebEX)
26 2013-09-07/13 Moscow, Russia 53
25 2012-09-8/15 Busan, Korea 78
24 2011-09 Shanghai, China 67
23 2011-03 Strasbourg, France 62
22 2010-09 State College, US 58
21 2010-03 Osaka, Japan 68
20 2009-09 Umeå, Sweden 64
19 2009-03 Wellington, New Zealand 62
18 2008-09 Stuttgart, Germany 68
17 2008-03 Jeju Island, Korea 73
16 2007-09 Toronto, Canada 70
15 2007-03 London, UK 73
14 2006-09 Wuhan, China 75
13 2006-03 Turku, Finland 81
12 2005-09 Durham, US 79
11 2005-03 Tokyo, Japan 78
10 2004-09 Dublin, Ireland 61
9 2004-03 Montreal, Canada 75
8 2003-09 Seoul, Korea 50
7 2003-03 Paris, France 85
6 2002-09 Lawrence, Kansas, US 50
5 2002-03 Adelaide, Australia 40
4 2001-09 Copenhagen, Denmark Cancelled
3 2001-03 New York City, US 35
2 2000-09 Sedona, US 25
1 2000-03 London, UK 35


  1. Status of JTC 1/SC 36 Program of Work

Please refer to the JTC 1/SC 36 N3064 “Program of Work”: Project No.: 27

7.1 Systematic reviews (2015)

Reference Title Closing date
ISO/IEC 12785-1:2009 Information technology — Learning, education, and training – Content packaging — Part 1: Information model 2015.03
ISO/IEC TS 29140-1:2011 Information technology for learning, education and training – Nomadicity and mobile technologies — Part 1: Nomadicity reference model 2015.09
ISO/IEC TS 29140-2:2011 Information technology for learning, education and training – Nomadicity and mobile technologies — Part 2: Learner information model for mobile learning 2015.09


7.2 Published standards(since 2014 Plenary)

ISO/IEC 20016-2:2015 Information technology for learning, education and training — Information model for competency — Part 2: Proficiency level information model
ISO/IEC 19788-1:2011/Amd 1:2014  
ISO/IEC 19788-4:2014 Information technology — Learning, education and training — Metadata for learning resources — Part 4: Technical elements
ISO/IEC 20006-1:2014 Information technology for learning, education and training — Information model for competency — Part 1: Competency general framework and information model
  1. Report of Previous meeting Resolution

8.1 Request for freely available stadnards

Resolution Number Regarding Action
2(WG1) ISO/IEC 2382-36 :2013(E/F) -Submission to JTC 1 as SC36 N3077


8.2 Extension of time frame 

Resolution Number Regarding Action
5(WG2) ISO/IEC 19778-4(9 Month) IS Limit date : 2015-09-27
10(WG4) ISO/IEC 19788-7(9 Month)ISO/IEC 19788-11(9 Month) DIS Limit date : 2015-06-13/ IS Limit date : 2016-06-14DIS Limit date : 2015-09-27/ IS Limit date : 2016-09-27
14(WG 5) ISO/IEC 36000(9 Month) DIS Limit date : 2015-09-26/IS Limit date : 2016-09-26

Note : According to the ISO/TMB Resolution 29/2014, allowing only one extension per project of up to 9-months. The extended project before could not be extended any more. Therefore, it is not allowed to extend.

8.3 Project subdivision, Project registration, and withdraw

– please refer to the above active work items

Resolution Number Regarding Action
7(WG3) ISO/IEC 29187-2ISO/IEC 29187-3 – Withdraw
11(WG 4) ISO/IEC 19788-6 -Withdraw
9(WG 4) ISO/IEC 19788-2/Amd. 1.ISO/IEC 19788-3/Amd. 1 – register as new project
13(WG 5) ISO/IEC 19796-4ISO/IEC 19796-5  

ISO/IEC 19796-6

15(WG 5)18(WG 5) ISO/IEC 36002ISO/IEC 36003 – register as new project(former ISO/IEC 19796-3)– number change(former ISO/IEC 19796-7)

8.4 Others

Resolution Number Regarding Action
25 Establishment of A liaision with ISO/PC on Knowledge management systems – requirements – Transfer to ISO/TC 260– Call for liaision officer(N2689)  

– no nomination of Liaison officer

  1. JTC 1/SC 36/WG 8 Creation


– Title : Learning analytics interoperability

– Convener : Yong-Sang Cho (Rep. of Kroea: through the 2018 Plenary)

– ToR : The WG will closely attend to monitoring of, and liaison with, organizations, projects and other initiatives working in the field of Learning Analytics Interoperability, including

o Open Source communities

o pre-standardization groups

o industry consortia/association

o public/private sector initiatives

o standards bodies

This WG is responsible for identification and delivery of one or more projects within the scope

defined below.

o Identification of suitable projects will adopt a process whereby candidate projects are proposed and prioritized on the basis of strategic relevance and availability of evidence as input to project deliverables.

o Suitable projects will be scoped to be delivered in a timely manner.


  1. IEC 1906 Award

Korean NB(KATS) had nominated Dr. Yong-Sang Cho for IEC 1906 Award. SC 36 Secretariat submited JTC 1 Secretariat for IEC 1906 Award.

Respectfully submitted,
Eunsook Kim
JTC 1/SC 36 Secretariat