WG 10

Note: WG 10 “Internet of Things” had been disbanded. The work has been taken up by the new JTC 1/SC 41 established during the 2016 Lillehammer JTC 1 Plenary.

Revision March 2017

WG 10 Internet of Things



2012-11, ISO/IEC JTC 1 25th Plenary in Jeju Island, Korea

Along with recognition for the importance of Internet of Things (IoT) and a growing interest in this area, JTC 1 established a Special Working Group (SWG) on Internet of Things (IoT). Korea held the Secretariat and JTC 1 appointed Mr. Sangkeun YOO as the Convenor of the SWG.

2014-11, ISO/IEC JTC 1 27th Plenary in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Special Working Group on IoT proposed to establish a subcommittee of Internet of Things (IoT) as a result of two-year activities. At the JTC 1 Plenary, JTC 1 established JTC 1/WG 10 on Internet of Things (IoT) with the transfer of project ISO/IEC 30141 (IoT Reference Architecture) from JTC 1/WG 7 and appointed Mr. Sangkeun YOO to serve as Convenor of the JTC 1/WG 10.

2016-11, ISO/IEC JTC 1 31st Plenary in Lillehammer, Norway

At the JTC 1 31st Plenary, JTC 1 established a Systems Integration entity in the form of a new Subcommittee 41 on Internet of Things and related technologies initially comprising the work of JTC 1/WG 7 and JTC 1/WG 10. The National Body of the Republic of Korea is serving as Secretariat for SC 41. The Secretariat has nominated François Coallier to serve as the Chair for SC 41.


In JTC 1 Plenary 2014, JTC 1/WG 10 was established with the following Terms of Reference:

  1. Serve as a focus of and proponent for JTC 1’s IoT standardization program.
  2. Develop foundational standards for IoT related to JTC 1 for guiding IoT efforts throughout JTC 1 upon which other standards can be developed.
  3. The work will cover:
    • Developing Terms and Definitions for JTC 1 IoT Vocabulary
    • Developing IoT Reference Architecture and other foundational specifications as JTC 1 standards
    • Continuing the work begun in SWG on IoT on standardization gaps
    • Establishing a liaison with JTC 1, ISO, IEC or other entities undertaking work related to IoT
    • Encouraging the prompt and efficient exchange of information within JTC 1 and with ISO, IEC, or other entities working on IoT, as appropriate
    • Monitoring the ongoing IoT regulatory, market, business and technology requirements
    • Developing other IoT standards that build on the foundational standards when relevant JTC 1 subgroups that could address these standards do not exist or are unable to develop them.


Convenor Mr. Sangkeun YOO
Secretary Ms. Yaeseul Park
Technical Programme Manager Mr. Henry Cuschieri

Technical Work

  • ISO/IEC 30141, Information technology — Internet of Things Reference Architecture (IoT RA)
  • ISO/IEC 20924, Information technology — Internet of Things (IoT) — Definition and Vocabulary
  • TR 22417, Information technology – Internet of Things — IoT Use cases
  • ISO/IEC 21823-1, Information technology — Internet of things (IoT) — Interoperability for internet of things systems — Part 1: Framework

Subgroup Rapporteur Groups

JTC 1/WG 10 established the following Subgroup Rapporteur Groups:

  • SRG 1: Standardization gaps (2015-01 ~ 2017-02), Convenor: Steve Halliday
  • SRG 2: Network level technologies for IoT (2015-01 ~ 2016-05), Convenor: Wei Min
  • SRG 3: IoT identification (2015-01 ~ 2015-08), Convenor: Dongmei Xu
  • SRG 4: Feedback on JTC 1 Systems Integration Guidelines (2015-05 ~ 2015-08), Convenor: Laura Lindsay
  • SRG 5: IoT Conceptual Model (2015-05 ~ 2015-08), Convenors: Faud Khan and Östen Frånberg
  • SRG 6: IoT Use cases (2015-08 ~ 2016-05), Convenor: Kate Grant
  • SRG 7: Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) for IoT (2016-05 ~ present), Convenor: Deji Chen
  • SRG 8: IoT Networking framework (2016-05 ~ 2017-02), Convenor: Wei Min
  • SRG 9: Verification of use cases and implementation (2017-02 ~ present), Convenor: Tetsuya Yokotani
  • SRG 10: Secure networking framework (2017-02 ~ present), Convenor: Tetsuya Yokotani
  • SRG 11: Classification of Internet of Things Use Cases (2017-02 ~ present), Convenor: Samir Djendoubi


JTC 1/WG 10 established liaisons with 24 ISO, IEC and JTC 1 internal entities and 17 external entities. (‘17)


  • 1st F2F meeting: 2015-01-27~29 in Berlin, Germany
  • 2nd F2F meeting: 2015-05-18~22 in Brussels, Belgium
    • Workshop on EU IoT Projects by European Commission on 2015-05-18
      • 1st Teleconference: 2015-06-23, 21 00 UTC
      • 2nd Teleconference: 2015-07-21, 13 00 UTC
  • 3rd F2F meeting: 2015-08-31~09-04 in Ottawa, Canada
  • 4th F2F meeting: 2016-01-18~22 in Shanghai, China
    • 2016 International IoT Summit on Standards and Industry on 2016-01-18
  • 5th F2F meeting: 2016-05-09~13 in Berlin, Germany
    • ISO/IEC/ITU Internet of Things (IoT) Workshop on 2016-05-13
  • 6th F2F meeting: 2016-09-05~09 in Busan, Korea
  • 7th F2F meeting: 2017-02-13~17 in Santa Clara, US


1st Meeting in Berlin, Germany

2nd Meeting in Brussels, Belgium

3rd Meeting in Ottawa, Canada

4th Meeting in Shanghai, China


WG 10 “Internet of Things” turned into JTC 1/SC 41 at the 2016 Lillehammer JTC 1 Plenary.