SC 36

Revision 2010 and secretary’ reports

ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 36 Information Technology for Learning, Education, and Training

ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC 36 was formed by ISO/IEC JTC 1 at the 1999-11 JTC 1 Plenary held in Seoul, Korea.  The first SC 36 plenary meeting was held 2000-03 in London, United Kingdom.  Since then, SC 36 has held twenty two plenary meetings in over thirteen countries.  Over the years, National Body membership in SC 36 has increase to its current level of forty one, twenty three P members and eighteen O members.  Additionally, the number of Liaison Organizations collaborating with SC 36 has grown to twenty five.

Since its inception, SC 36 has successfully adapted to create standards for growing and changing markets by adopting and adhering to the essential principles of global openness, transparency, consensus, and technical coherence. In SC 36, these principles are implemented through development of International Standards representative of all interested National Member Bodies, and Liaison Organizations, by utilizing proven and “value added” processes.  These principles also have enabled the production of global and market relevant standards and technical reports, which are recognized and implemented by global users to 1) Facilitate global trade, 2) Improve quality, security, and consumer protection, and 3) Global dissemination of technologies and good practices, all of which contribute to economic and social progress.

SC 36 Highlights and milestones:


  • First Plenary meeting held in London, United Kingdom 2000-03
  • Second Plenary meeting held in Sedona, USA 2000-09
  • Tony Monaco, ANSI, initial SC 36 Secretariat
  • Mr. Frank Farance endorsed as first Chair of SC 36
  • Twelve projects initiated
  • Ten new liaisons created
  • Marketing Rapporteur Group created.


  • Third Plenary held 2001-03 in New York City, USA 2001-03
  • Fourth Plenary canceled due to 9/11 attack
  • Working Group 1 on Vocabulary created
  • Working Group 2 on Collaborative Technology created
  • Working Group 3 on Learner Information created
  • Two projects initiated.


  • Fifth Plenary held in Adelaide, Australia 2002-03
  • Sixth Plenary held in Lawrence, USA 2002-09
  • Working Group 4 on Management and Delivery of Learning, Education and Training created
  • Working Group 5 on Quality Assurance and Descriptive Frameworks created
  • Eight new liaisons created
  • Four new projects initiated.


  • Seventh Plenary held in Paris, France 2003-03
  • Eighth Plenary held in Seoul, Korea 2003-09
  • Six new projects initiated
  • Four new Liaisons created
  • First International Forum on LET supported by SC 36 held at Versailles, France
  • Second International Forum on LET supported by SC 36 held in Seoul, South Korea
  • Endorsement of Mr. Frank Farance for second term as Chair of SC 36.


  • Ninth Plenary held in Montréal, Canada 2004-03
  • Tenth Plenary held in Dublin, Ireland 2004-09
  • Four new projects initiated
  • Working Group 6 on International Standardized Profiles created
  • Working Group 7 on Culture, Language and Human Functioning activities created
  • One standard published
  • Third International Forum on LET supported by SC 36 held in Montréal, Canada
  • Mr. Bruce E. Peoples endorsed as Chair of SC 36.


  • Eleventh Plenary held in Tokyo, Japan 2005-03
  • Twelfth Plenary held in Durham, USA 2005-09
  • Four new projects initiated
  • One new Liaison created
  • One standard published
  • Fourth International Forum on LET (WSIS Open Forum) supported by SC 36 held in Tunis, Tunisia.


  • Thirteenth Plenary held in Turku, Finland 2006-03
  • Fourteenth Plenary held in Wuhan, China 2006-09
  • Mr. David Hyde, BSI,  new SC 36 Secretariat
  • SWG Business Planning created
  • One new Liaison created
  • Thirteen new projects initiated
  • Fifth International Forum on LET supported by SC 36 held in Wuhan, China.


  • Fifteenth Plenary held in London, United Kingdom 2007-03
  • Sixteenth Plenary held in Toronto, Canada 2007-09
  • Change of WG 2 title from “Collaborative technology” to “Collaborative and Intelligent Technology”
  • Four new Liaisons created
  • Four new projects initiated
  • One standard published
  • Endorsement of Mr. Bruce E. Peoples for second term as Chair of SC 36
  • Sixth International Forum on LET (Global Governance Conference) supported by SC 36 held at London, United Kingdom
  • Seventh International Forum on LET supported by SC 36 held in Toronto, Canada.


  • Seventeenth Plenary held in JeJu Island, Korea 2008-03
  • Eighteenth Plenary held in Stuttgart, Germany 2008-09
  • Mr. Channy Lee, KATS,  new SC 36 Secretariat
  • Four new Liaisons created
  • Eleven new projects initiated
  • Eight standards published
  • Eighth International Forum on LET supported by SC 36 held in Seoul, Korea
  • Ninth International Forum on LET supported by SC 36 held in Stuttgart, Germany.


  • Nineteenth Plenary held in Wellington, New Zealand 2009-03
  • Twentieth Plenary held in Umeå, Sweden 2009-09
  • Change of WG6 title from “International Standardized Profiles” to “Supportive Technology and Specification Integration”
  • Change of WG 7 title from “Culture, Language and Human Functioning activities” to “ITLET – Culture, language, and individual needs”
  • SWG Business Planning and Marketing Rapporteur Group merged; New title: SWG Business Planning and Communication
  • SC 36 Marketing Web Site launched
  • One new Liaison created
  • Five new projects initiated
  • Six standards published
  • Tenth International Forum on LET supported by SC 36 held in Wellington, New Zealand
  • Eleventh International Forum on LET supported by SC 36 held in Umeå, Sweden.


  • Twenty first Plenary held in Osaka, Japan 2010-03
  • Twenty second Plenary held in State College, USA 2010-09
  • Five new Liaisons created
  • Twelfth International Forum on LET supported by SC 36 held in Tokyo, Japan.

 JTC 1/SC 36 2013 Plenary in Moscow

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