JTC 1 Advisory Group 1

Review October 2020

At the August 2016 JTC 1 Advisory Group (JAG) meeting in Dublin, Ireland, following recommendation 24, a new JAG was established called “Press Committee”. This was established as a permanent group and would provide reports to all JAG meetings going forward.

The original Terms of Reference were:

  • Collect information from the JTC 1/WGs and SCs
  • Prepare a communications strategy for JTC 1
  • Monitor and reflect JTC 1 activities on social media
  • Prepare information for the JTC 1 web pages (e.g., JTC1info, JTC1.org, wiki pages, ISO and IEC promotional channels).
  • Populate a repository of presentations on JTC 1 on the JTC 1 web site

Along with the groups initial work, which included the revision of the JTC 1 brochure through 2018 and plenary update newsletters from 2018 and 2019, a proposal was made, and agreed to widen the scope of the group, at the same time that the Press Committee became realigned to JTC 1 rather than JAG. Another significant change at this time was to the group’s name which became “Communications”. This is noted in an internal document JTC 1 N13988 made at the JTC 1 plenary in Stockholm.

The new Terms of Reference opened up the possibilities of the group to widen the communication focus and to open up the use of additional distribution tools, including some with a focus on social media.

Through 2019 a number of further changes to the group were made, firstly at the JTC 1 Plenary in Hawaii, in May the group was revised, to be an Advisory Group (AG 1) to JTC 1 , this was following the decision for removal of specific JTC 1 groups like Study Groups and Special Working Groups. During the December 2019 JTC 1 Plenary, for personal reasons the existing convenor stepped down and a new convenor was selected.

Following this, the new convenor worked with the group initially to focus on opening up the communications channels, leading to the establishment of a JTC 1 news feed through Twitter and LinkedIn:

Likewise, the group worked closely with the IEC communication team to help re-establish the JTC 1 website and make it more agile and dynamic.

These later updates were established during the summer of 2020.

AG 1 “Communications” continues to promote work within JTC 1 and it is now structured to provide the primary outlet for news, information, events and communications both within JTC 1 and externally to the wider public audience. AG 1 “Communications” works together with marketing and technology teams in ISO and IEC to utilise multiple platforms for information dissemination.

Subcommittees and working groups within JTC 1 have the support from AG 1 “Communications” to provide them with the outlet, to share their latest important information, findings and publications.

AG 1 “Communications” continues to work in conjunction with other JTC 1 subgroups, such as AG 10 “Outreach”, assisting with development of digital media that can be used in JTC 1 AG 10 “Outreach” program which is intended to widen the appreciation and usage of ICT standards in many countries that are not well supported.