AG (Advisory groups)

Advisory Groups (AG) are made up of members from National Bodies to perform specific tasks relating to coordination, planning and strategy on behalf of the parent technical committee.

SC (Subcommittees)

Provides the governance, administration and strategy to enable the development of international standards in relation to its particular field of expertise.

WG (Working groups)

Working Groups are established under a technical or subcommittee for the specific task of creating standards in line with their defined and agreed scope.


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According to Statista, cloud computing generates billions of US dollars in revenue annually and shows few signs of slowing down. Cloud services have never been more relevant than over the […]
By SC 7 Chair, Dr. Sundeep Oberoi The concept of a cyberphysical system is as old as the discipline of modern computer science. The core notions of “software” and “hardware” […]
2020 saw JTC 1 holding both 36th and 37th plenaries, June and November remotely, using virtual technology and has shown that this is a workable practice. During the November plenary […]

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IoTTechExpo –
Global Virtual 2021 

Panel: Building your Defence – Security for the IoT eco-system

SC 41 Chair Francois Coallier will
participate on the panel

JTC 1 History

SD 2

This document is intended to record important events in the creation and functioning of ISO/IEC JTC 1. It includes a summary description of each ISO/IEC JTC 1 subcommittee and its subgroups, regardless of whether they are still in operation.


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