26-31 October 2015, Beijing, China

Chairman: Karen Higginbottom

Committee Manager: Lisa Rajchel, ANSI

ITTF: IEC – David Hanlon, ISO – Henry Cuschieri

P-members and O-members:

Australia (SA)
Brazil (ABNT)
Canada (SCC)
China (SAC)
Finland (SFS)
France (AFNOR)
Germany (DIN)
Indonesia (BSN)
Iran, Islamic Republic (ISIRI)
Ireland (NSAI)
Japan (JISC)
Kazakhstan (KAZMEMST)
Korea, Republic of (KATS)
Malaysia (DSM)
Netherlands (NEN)
Nigeria (SON)
Norway (SN)
Pakistan ((PSQCA)
Sri Lanka (SLSI)
Russian Federation (GOST R)
Singapore (SPRING SG)
South Africa (SABS)
Sweden (SIS)
Switzerland (SNV)
Thailand (TISI)
United Arab Emirates (ESMA)
United Kingdom (BSI)
United States (ANSI)

SC Chairs and WG convenors and secretaries:

SC 2 Chair
SC 6 Chair
SC 7 Chair
SC 17 Chair
SC 22 Chair
SC 23 Chair
SC 24 Chair
SC 25 Chair and
SC 27 Chair
SC 28 Chair
SC 29 Chair
SC 31 Chair
SC 32 Chair
SC 34 Chair
SC 35 Chair
SC 36 Chair
SC 38 Chair
SC 39 Chair
SC 40 Chair

WG 7 Convenor

WG 9 Convenor and

WG 10 Convenor and

SWG-P Convenor and Secretary

SWG-D Convenor and Secretary

SWG-M Convenor and Secretary

SG Smart Cities Convenor and Secretary

Liaison organisations and PAS submitters:


Ecma International

IEC TC 100



JTC 1 N12864

Secretary’s report

JTC 1 N12893


JTC 1 approves the revised version of the Strategic Business Plan (JTC 1 N12713).

JTC 1 establishes a JTC 1 Advisory Group (JAG).

JTC 1 resolves to terminate SWG-Planning, SWG-Management and SWG-Directives effective 17 March 2016 when their activities will be handed over to the JAG.

JTC 1 establishes JTC 1 Working Group 11 on Smart Cities reporting directly to JTC 1.

Meeting Sponsors

Microsoft (China)

Digital China

Foxit Corporation