Office Equipment

Revision June 2020

1 Scope (Revised in 2015)

Standardization of basic characteristics, test methods and other related items of products such as 2D and 3D Printers/Scanners, Copiers, Projectors, Fax and Systems composed of their combinations, excluding such interfaces as user system interfaces, communication interfaces and protocols.

2 History

SC 28 was established in 1989 based on a Japanese proposal. Initially SNV (Switzerland) assumed Secretariat for the subcommittee. Then in 1997 ABNT (Brazil) succeeded the position. In 2001, however, Brazil stepped down from the Secretariat position for the reason of resource constraint. A proposal of JISC (Japan) to take over the Secretariat position from ABNT was welcomed by ABNT and SC 28 and approved by JTC 1 in its Sophia Antipolis Plenary held in October 2002. Financial and resources support for SC 28 Secretariat functions is provided by JBMIA (Japan Business Machines and Information Systems Association) delegated by JISC.

SC 28 is primarily a printer and copier oriented subcommittee whose scope remained unchanged since its inception. However, due to the changing nature of market needs for office equipment and related technologies with increasing usage of 3D technology in the office environments, SC 28 resolved to clarify its scope as written above in 2015.

Included in the inventory of published SC 28 standards are specification sheets descriptors, productivity (throughput) measurement methods, printed image quality evaluation methods, toner/ink cartridges yield measurement methods, office colour management and accessibility guidelines for office equipment.

Though 3D printers/scanners in the office/home space was added to the scope of SC 28, 3D technologies and markets are still growing and increasing its diversity. Therefore, we continue to monitor developments of 3D technologies and markets in order to adopt our standardization experiences in 3D, such as the methods for measurement of productivity of 3D devices, quality of 3D output, yield of consumables and so on.  It is estimated to take a few years for SC28 to actually initiate any work of standards since 3D technology has neither matured nor unified yet for SC 28 to adopt.

SC28 has been monitoring the technology and its legislatives of accessibility, which offers easy-access especially for disabled and/or elderly people.  Features such as simplified displays to help those with weak eyesight, reduced height of multifunctional printers and easy sliding trays are a few examples. ISO/IEC 10779:2008 “Accessibility guidelines for older persons and persons with disabilities” was revised in 2020 harmonized with the US Section 508 and European EN 301 549.

The fact that the frontier of SC 28 is contiguous with scopes of several committees necessitates SC28’s tight liaison ship and Joint Working Group (JWG); ECMA TC 38, CIE Div.1, CIE Div. 8, ICC, TC 42/WG 3/WG18, TC 42/WG 5, IEC TC 100/TA2, ISO TC 130/WG 3, ISO TC 171 /SC1/SC2,  JTC1/SC41 and JTC 1/WG 12.

ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC 28 Plenary meeting at Zhuhai, China in June 2018

3 Plenary meetings

9th (1998): Buzios, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

10th (1999): Yokohama, Japan

11th (2000): Berlin, Germany

12th (2001): Simsbury, Connecticut, USA

13th (2002): Berlin, Germany

14th (2003): Jeju-do, Korea

15th (2004): Nuremberg, Germany

16th (2005): Beijing, China

17th (2006): Lexington, Kentucky USA

18th (2007): Matsumoto Nagano, Japan

19th (2008): Boeblingen, Germany

20th (2009): Busan, Korea

21st (2010): Rochester NY, USA

22nd (2011): Hangzhou, China

23rd (2012): London. UK

24th (2013): Vienna, Austria

25th (2014): Berlin, Germany

26th (2015): Matsue, Japan

27th (2016): Portland (Vancouver WA), USA

28th (2017): London, UK

29th (2018): Zhuhai, China

30th (2019): Matsuyama, Japan

31th (2020):  Virtual meeting due to COVID-19

4 Officers

4.1 Chair

Name                        Term                   National body

Raul Colcher            1997-2001           Brazil (ABNT)

Akira Saito               2002-2017           Japan (JISC)

Takashi Ito                2017-                  Japan (JISC)

4.2 Secretariat

Name                           Term                           National body

Andre Valle                1997-2001                   Brazil (ABNT)

Katsuhito Dei              2002-2006                   Japan (JISC)

Kazumasa Kumakura  2006-2009                 Japan (JISC)

Motokuni Sugiyama    2009 -2014                Japan (JISC)

Takashi Ito                   2014-2017                  Japan (JISC)

Etsuko Sawada             2017- 2020                Japan (JISC)

Nobuaki Hamada        2020 –                          Japan (JISC)

ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC 28 Plenary meeting at Matsuyama, Japan in June 2019