User interfaces 

Revision April 2019

ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 35 was created at the 1999-01 Rio de Janeiro – Brazil JTC 1 Plenary out of JTC 1/SC 18/WG9. All their projects were transferred to ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC35.


Standardization in the field of user-system interfaces in information and communication technology (ICT) environments and support for these interfaces to serve all users, including people having accessibility or other specific needs, with a priority of meeting the JTC 1 requirements for cultural and linguistic adaptability.

This includes:

  • user interface accessibility (requirements, needs, methods, techniques and enablers);
  • cultural and linguistic adaptability and accessibility (such as evaluation of cultural and linguistic adaptability of ICT products, harmonized human language equivalents, localization parameters, voice messaging menus);
  • user interface objects, actions and attributes;
  • methods and technologies for controlling and navigating within systems, devices and applications in visual, auditory, tactile and other sensorial modalities (such as by voice, vision, movement, gestures);
  • symbols, functionality and interactions of user interfaces (such as graphical, tactile and auditory icons, graphical symbols and other user interface elements);
  • visual, auditory, tactile and other sensorial input and output devices and methods in ICT environments (for devices such as keyboards, displays, mice);
  • user interfaces for mobile devices, hand‐held devices and remote interactions.

Note :

Additionally, per resolution 4 of the 30th ISO/IEC JTC 1 meeting held on 2015-10-26/31, ISO/IEC JTC 1 requested ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 35 to review necessary actions to implement ISO/IEC Guide 71, Guide for addressing accessibility in standards.

SC 35 Meetings

The SC35 Working Groups meet two times per year:

Past meetings

  • Quebec, Canada, 1999-06
  • Paris, France, 1999-11
  • Nara, Japan, 2000-05
  • Quebec, Canada, 2000-11
  • Stockholm, Sweden, 2001-05-31
  • Paris, France, 2001-12-01
  • Copenhagen, Denmark, 2002-06-03
  • Athens, Greece, 2002-11-18
  • Sendai, Japan, 2003-05-26
  • Paris, France, 2003-12-01/05
  • Tokyo, Japan, 2004-05-31/06-04
  • Stokholm, Sweden, 2004-11-22/26 (Working Groups)
  • Madison, USA, 2005-07-05/09 (Working groups and Plenary)
  • Berlin, Germany, 2006-02-13-17 (Working Groups)
  • Jeju, Korea, 2006-09-04/08 (Working Groups and Plenary)
  • Paris, France, 2007-02-19/23 (Working Groups)
  • Quebec, Canada, 2007-08-20/24 (Working Groups and Plenary)
  • Fukuoka, Japan, 2008-02-08/12 (Working groups)
  • Naples, Italy, 2008-09-08/12 (Working Groups and Plenary)
  • Berlin, Germany, 2009-02-16/20 (Working Groups)
  • Saskatoon, Canada, 2009-08-22/26 (Working groups and Plenary)
  • Madrid, Spain, 2010-02-22/26 (Working Groups)
  • Venice, Italy, 2010-08-23/27 (Working groups and Plenary)
  • Bellevue WA, USA, 2011-02-21/25 (Working Groups)
  • Warsaw, Poland, 2011-08-29/09-02 (Working Groups and Plenary)
  • Kyoto, Japan, 2012-02-20/24 (Working Groups)
  • Paris, France, 2012-08-27/31 (Working Groups and Plenary)
  • Busan, Korea, 2013-03-18/22 (Working Groups)
  • Saskatoon, Canada, 2013-08-26/30 (Working Groups and Plenary)
  • Barcelona, Spain, 2014-02-10/13 (Working Groups)
  • Hanghzou, China, 2014-07-07/11 (Working Groups and Plenary)
  • Copenhagen, Denmark, 2015-01-19/23 (Working groups)
  • Sapporo, Japan, 2015-08-31/09-04 (Working groups and Plenary)
  • Rome, Italy, 2016-02-15/19 (Working groups)
  • Seoul, Korea, 2016-08-01/05 (Working groups and Plenary)
  • Berlin, Germany, 2017-02-06/10 (Working groups)
  • Paris, France, 2017-07-24/28 (Working groups and Plenary)
  • Geneva, Switzerland, 2018-02-12/16 (Working groups)
  • Okayama, Japan, 2018-08-27/31 (Working groups and Plenary)
  • Dublin, Ireland , 2019-02-18/21 (Working groups and Plenary)

Organization within SC 35

JTC 1/SC 35 is subdivided in 7 permanent Working Groups

  • WG1 : Keyboards and Input Interfaces – Mr. Alain LABONTÉ (Canada)
  • WG2 : Graphical User Interface and Interaction – Dr. Yoshikazu YAMAMOTO (Japan)
  • WG4 : User Interfaces for Mobile Devices – Dr. Yoshikazu YAMAMOTO (Japan)
  • WG5 : Cultural and Linguistic Adaptability – Mr. Thibault GROUAS (France)
  • WG6 : User Interface Accessibility – Pr. Jim CARTER (Canada)
  • WG7 : User Interfaces Object, Actions and Attributes – Pr. Jim CARTER (Canada)
  • WG9: Natural user interfaces and interactions – Pr. Jee-in KIM (Korea, republic of)


In 2018, SC35 resolved to disband WG8 User Interfaces for Remote Interactions as there was no more active projects.

Programme of work:

Mid-March 2019, ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 35 has published a total of 72 documents and 14 projects are under development.

SC 35 experts during their February 2017 meetings