SWG 6 Management

Note: This Special Working Group has been disbanded in October 2015 (effective March 2016).
This Special Working Group was established by resolution 27 of JTC 1 Plenary November 2012 (see ISO/IEC JTC 1 N 11429).

Resolution 27 – Establishment of SWG on Management

JTC 1 establishes a SWG on Management with the following Terms of Reference:

Terms of Reference

The SWG on Management operates under the direction of JTC 1 to review and evaluate the organizational effectiveness of JTC 1 and make recommendations to JTC 1 to this effect. This includes:

  • Review and evaluation of the JTC 1 structure on a regular basis
  • Development of recommendations on management aspects of JTC 1
  • Review of issues arising from overlapping/conflicting scopes, activities and projects as well as disagreements over project assignments. The SWG shall work with JTC 1 subgroup chairs and convenors to identify issues and to reach acceptable resolutions.
  • Provide advice on matters of operational efficiency and management to the JTC 1 chairman
  • Review of the effective distribution of public information on JTC 1 activities and making suggestions for improvements

Membership in this SWG is open to:

  • JTC 1 National Bodies
  • Chairmen/Convenors (or their designate) of entities directly under JTC 1
  • Members of ISO and IEC Central Office

The JTC 1 Secretariat is responsible for the administration of this SWG.