Publicising JTC 1’s work

Publicly promoted information, news and social media have never been as prolific as they are now and they will continue to be a major resource and influencer in everyone’s lives.

To promote work within ISO/IEC JTC 1, the Communications group (AG 1) is structured to provide the primary outlet for news, information, events and communications both within JTC 1 and externally to the wider public audience. Communications works together with marketing and technology teams in ISO and IEC to utilise multiple platforms for information dissemination.

Sub committees and working groups, within JTC 1 have the support from Communications to provide them with the outlet, to share their latest important information, findings and publications.

AG 1 works in conjunction with the ‘Outreach’ group, assisting with development of digital media that can be used in the JTC 1 Outreach program which is intended to widen the appreciation and usage of ICT standards in many countries that are not well supported.


 Twitter @JTC1News