Leveraging JTC 1 expertise

The complexity of technologies and their convergence in many new and emerging markets now requires a top down approach to standardization, starting with a system or system architecture, rather than a product. Increasingly, sectors such as environment, energy, safety and health need system standards.

The Systems Integration Facilitation (SIF) was established in 2016 to leverage JTC1 expertise and take advantage of the systems integration standardization to approach complex market needs. These needs require cross functional expertise and deliverables must be coordinated across JTC1 entities.

SIF is responsible for advising JTC1 on the evolution of the JTC 1 Systems Integration Guidelines, (SD 24). It also appoints its members to attend the Systems Integration entity’s meetings to fulfil the role of facilitator as described in JTC 1 SD 24.

How does it work?

Challenges can arise where cross-functional expertise is required and the deliverables need to be coordinated in a first step across many of JTC 1 entities, and with external entities.

SIF addresses:

Clarification of systems integration scope

  • Limited number of experts in JTC 1
  • Defining terminology for common use across JTC 1 subgroups

How to identify the partners

How JTC 1 interacts with other systems groups in IEC, ISO, ITU-T

  • Advocate the need for Liaison representatives and their roles

How to involve partners to sit together with JTC 1 to define

  • Structure
  • Strategy
  • Tracking / Progression

How to find good ways for JTC 1 experts to work together without interference from organizational issues

  • Best practice exchanges
  • Identifying training course requirement

SIF facilitators

Facilitation aims to make JTC 1 systems integration more efficient. It does this by appointing a facilitator for each systems integration entity.

  • Note any conflicts across the systems integration topic
  • Report best practices
  • Provide recommendations to JTC 1 of any actions with respect to systems integration

The formation of the JTC1 adhoc group on trustworthiness was triggered by a SIF facilitator report.

JTC1 system integration entities

Currently there are five JTC1 Systems Integration entities with facilitators from France (Convenor), UK, India, South Korea and Japan.

  • SC 38: Cloud computing and distributed platforms
  • SC 41: IoT and related technologies
  • SC 42: Artificial intelligence
  • WG 11: Smart cities
  • WG 12: 3D printing and scanning