Our aim 

SC 28 is one of the few product or hardware-oriented subcommittees in the JTC 1 community.

As such, fundamental output of this group has been:

  • standards on product specification descriptors
  • methods for measurement of productivity of hardcopy devices
  • quality of hardcopy output
  • yield of consumables (ink and toner cartridges)

SC 28 has continued the expansion of measurement methods for consumables, productivity, and extended image quality assessment, to support print permanence and durability.

It has begun to align its work program for IoT and accessibility with JTC 1 strategic directions where applicable.

  • 2017 – Study Group 1 was established to assess “New opportunities for Office Equipment”
  • 2018 – Study Group 2, Web conference application and ontology for office equipment, was set up to develop PWIs according to the output from SG 1
  • 2019 – PWI entitled “the common security guideline” was proposed by SG 2 for simple usage in the areas of security for mid- to low-end office equipment, in harmony with existing security standards. SG 2 cooperates with Japan’s AG mirror committee (AGJ) and JBMIA information security committee, to develop it

Benefits of our standards

Standards required by the market facilitate or enable:

  • Comparison of functional specifications (descriptors) in product catalogues (Continuously being updated)
  • Measurement of yield of ink and toner cartridges of printers (Major work done. Project for monochrome inkjet yield standard is on-going)
  • Evaluation and comparison of printed output image quality and resolutions
  • Studying user needs for global device colour profile sharing platform
  • Measurement of productivity and performance of copying machines, printers and image scanners (Major work done on copying machines, printers and scanners. Existing standards are under consideration for revision. Photo printing productivity standard is under discussion)
  • Accessibility for disabled and aged persons in office equipment
  • Clarification of Specifications for data projectors 3.0

Structure – Working Groups

AG: Advisory group

WG 2: Consumables

WG 3: Productivity

WG 4: Image quality assessment

WG 5: Office colour

SG 2: Proposals of “the common security guideline”

Others 1 – Accessibility

Others 2 – Data Projector