JTC 1 PAS Submitters

JTC 1 PAS Transposition Process

ISO/IEC JTC 1 has defined a process for the transposition of technical specifications from sources outside of JTC 1 into ISO/IEC International Standards: the JTC 1 PAS Transposition Process.

In this process, which uses an extensive set of criteria, the external standards body is initially approved by JTC 1 to be a PAS Submitter. Once approved, a PAS Submitter may put forward some of its specifications (the publicly available specifications, PAS) to JTC 1 for national body approval. The submission is balloted using the Draft International Standard and Final Draft International Standard approval procedures used for all ISO/IEC International Standards. In addition, the JTC 1 process guarantees that the result will not diverge from the external organization’s documents without its consent, and that the external organization is fully engaged in the international approval. Further, as JTC 1 is a Joint Technical Committee of both ISO and IEC, its standards carry both the ISO and IEC logos.

More than 115 ISO/IEC International Standards have been approved through this process. All the stakeholders have something to gain: the PAS Submitter obtains international recognition, standardization is streamlined with some of the most advanced technology getting into ISO and IEC just at the right time, and there is no duplication of efforts in the industry. The following list of currently approved PAS Submitters demonstrates the value of this program:

Last updated 14/01/2020